ch 29 pg 99
Posted February 3, 2023 at 12:00 am

I finally was able to post the next chapter of the Landon POV mini-comic! It was requested I work on that as part of TINF's 12th anniversary!! You can see it on Patreon for *~*~*free*~*~*~ here!!

(I also posted about it on twitter + tumblr if you wanted to share!)

Thank you for reading!!! XOXO


Isaiah: :-0 :-( True, he always agrees with negative rumors about himself, too.

Julian: Yeah. (y ny)

But what I don't understand is: we were only 13/14 years old when Sydney Morgan's first book came out. So if he's really Sydney Morgan, does that mean he's some kind of genius or something???

Isaiah: Aww... you think Sydney Morgan's writing is genius level. Lol.

Julian: ISAIAH !!!

Isaiah: Lol hahaha, sorry, just kidding!

How old was Landon when he started making money for his grandpa?

Julian: I don't know... He said he started working as soon as he was able to. (((8 m 8)))

Isaiah: :-( Well... huh.

Maybe it wouldn't be that surprising.

He's weird and mysterious, works all the time at random hours, never sleeps, etc. You could tell me he was secretly the President of the USA and I'd be like, "yeah, that sounds right," lol.

Julian: -_-

Isaiah: Actually, there are a few things I was unsure about but never really thought through before...

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