ch 29 pg 100
Posted February 7, 2023 at 12:00 am

Choose your favorite "Landon is Sydney Morgan" moment......

mine is the llama, Landon trying to end the comic at ch 08 (not pictured), Landon's bio saying he has "too much time on his hands" vs this (not pictured), was there really a reason for him to know that book had more merchandising than the others? (not pictured), Sydney Morgan's handwriting being the same as Landon's (not pictured), "what are you doing? you're not a janitor" (not pictured), etc (?)


Isaiah: So, I'm thinking about times like: when we went to the publishing company and Landon had the key card to the mailbox of Sydney Morgan's editor.

Or how he knew the answer to that Sydney Morgan question when we did that radio contest.

OMG, or that time he got you a Sydney Morgan book weeks before it was released???

VIP tickets to Hello! Talk Show ??????

That envelope with "The Real Sydney Morgan" written on it, with a picture of the llama...

and HIM.

Julian: ISAIAH, I can't process this quickly!

Isaiah: Ok, ok, sorry.

Julian: I mean, you're right, though. fjkdhh

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