ch 29 pg 98
Posted January 31, 2023 at 12:00 am

Hello..... my 8 yr old laptop suddenly needed to be replaced :( I'm on a new one now but the resolution is so high, I didn't realize all my TINF stuff was so tiny this whole time LOL


Julian: I'm ok... I guess I'm just trying to think about it?

Isaiah: How did you respond to him?

Julian: I was just like: O_O

And he was like: <=^[

And I was like: "Oh, haha... should we go to sleep now?"

Isaiah: Omg. Julian.

Julian: And he said "ok," so I turned off the lights and he's sleeping now.

But, I'm still like: O_O

Isaiah: Ah, ok. Talk to me about it.

Julian: When we read the Sydney Morgan story earlier, I was really surprised because he had all these negative things to say about it.

Isaiah: ??? What? This is the same guy who was sweating over what to say about the Adrian Paris movie you hated?

Julian: EXACTLY.

He told me he thinks Sydney Morgan is a jerk.

It reminded me of that time he got drunk when we stayed overnight at Hello! Talk Show. He said both he and Sydney Morgan were jerks.

Every time I've heard him say something negative, it's only ever been about himself. TT___TT))

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