ch 29 pg 106
Posted February 28, 2023 at 12:00 am

Originally, I was gonna have another scene after this, but I've decided that I'll actually be ending the chapter in the next 2 pgs! So, we're closing this chapter up soon, hehe...!


Isaiah: Yeah...

After talking about it, it really does seem like he feels guilty.

Julian: Yeah.

I had told you that the reason I didn't want to put pressure on Lan to define our relationship was because of all the stuff he has going on right now, and I feel like this situation is similar to that.

It makes sense that it would be like what you said--that there's a reason he can't tell us that he's Sydney Morgan, since there's a lot on the line with it. Especially with how things are with his grandpa right now.

He's been scared and sad and his grandpa isn't getting better.

Telling me that he's Sydney Morgan isn't more important than supporting his family, you know...?

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