ch 29 pg 102
Posted February 14, 2023 at 12:00 am

I was away last week so I got a little behind on my thumbnail, but I'll be caught up by the next update!


Isaiah: [...] "A young author who CAN'T go public".......

Maybe it's not that Landon is hiding that he's Sydney Morgan--

But more that he CAN'T tell us.

Because of one of those NDA/contract things where you legally can't tell people about it.

And, like, he can't risk losing the job he has that supports him and his grandpa.

(Julian's thought panel)

That last time when I was mad at Landon--when I thought he was leading you on--I said to him: "You were never going to find Sydney Morgan, were you?"

And he was silent.

It was because he already found Sydney Morgan!


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