ch 29 pg 103
Posted February 17, 2023 at 12:00 am

writing Landon's self destructive tendencies and "commitment issues" having multiple sources (self esteem issues, self hatred, trauma, hiding a debilitating secret) has been so satisfying because readers always pick up on at least 1 aspect of it :') so fun for me hehehe


Isaiah: All of those times I said Landon was messing with you and not being serious about you...

(ch 12 pg 36 > ch 21 pg 14 > ch 27 p 23 > ch 27 pg 06)

Maybe he was actually being serious this whole time...

When you were getting our drinks at the cafe today, I asked him why he hasn't made it official with you yet. He said there was still more he wanted you to know about him.

I thought he was struggling with self esteem issues--

Or, well, I still think he is. lol.


It makes sense he wouldn't want to progress too far into a relationship when he can't tell you that he's secretly your favorite author.


Kind of intense.



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