ch 29 pg 101
Posted February 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

Landon actually said he was the "Godfather of the set" in that particular instance, but.. same thing HAHA


Isaiah: Also... You said that Landon was at the Sydney Morgan movie's casting call, right?

Why was he there??

Julian: I don't know... I think he said it was because he's the Godfather of High School.......

Isaiah: The way we just accept every time he says that, lol...




Julian: ?!?!

Isaiah: That time at my girlfriend's school--you said that Gabriel "stand-in for Sydney Morgan" person pulled Landon aside to talk to him, right? So that would mean...

They know each other.

And you said that Landon said he "sort of" works at the publishing company (suspicious, lol).

So, they work together, too.

If Landon said he "knows who Sydney Morgan is"... and Gabriel themself said specifically that they're a stand-in for a "YOUNG author who can't go public"--

Omg, it's fitting together!


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