ch 28 pg 94
Posted December 21, 2021 at 12:00 am

sleepy spooning.. :')

there are 2 more pgs of this chapter! WAHOO BABEY

~*~*~ December 22nd is TINF's 11th anniversary ~*~*~ !!!!!!!!! I'm not celebrating it on time this year because I have something else planned that I'll share with you in January~ but thank you so much for reading TINF, whether you've been here for a short or long time! It's been such a long journey and it's been my absolute pleasure to be able to share this comic with all of you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness in reading TINF--it always warms my heart TT___TT))) readership interest has also seemed to drop these past couple years but even more so it makes me cherish all of you who continue to support me.. thank you so SO much! I'm determined more than ever to continue and finish this comic in the next coming years! HERE'S TO.. not another 11 years, but 11 years and counting! LOL XOXO

next 2 pgs thumbnails here and here!