ch 28 pg 87
Posted November 26, 2021 at 12:00 am

That's it for the dream! Thank you again for all your heartfelt comments on these dream pages! I appreciate knowing you can relate and learning about your experiences.. it's a heavy and real topic, and I'm thankful that I seem to have been able to portray it in a way that those who relate can connect with it.

I can't recall dreaming very often but these past couple weeks I've been dreaming more than usual, so I'm wondering if it's from working on these pgs LOL. I don't remember anything except this one dream, these guys were chasing me and a friend but I was having trouble running. We ran into a food takeout place to hide but on entering there was a mirror and, for a split second, my friend's reflection was a clown.......... LMAO anyway..

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