ch 25 pg 05
Posted September 19, 2017 at 12:00 am

HI I'm back from SPX!! Thanks SOOO MUCH everyone who stopped by, chatted with me, and bought some stuff! I LOVED meeting all of you and I had so much fun!! I appreciate the support, I'd never sold zines before so I was really moved that a lot of you got the Landon + Say Hello zines! ðŸ’˜ðŸ˜­ðŸ’˜ Thank you for the lil fanarts too.. TT___TT))) ðŸ’˜ðŸ’˜ðŸ’˜ I hope I can see you all again sometime :D

That being said, the thumbnail for next page is here!

I know I've fallen behind in replying to comments and posting extra stuff on twitter/tumblr, but I hope I can get back into it soon, now that I'm falling back on my normal workload! Thanks for your patience TTYL !! ðŸ˜š