ch 23 pg 19
Posted June 24, 2016 at 12:00 am

HELLOOOOO! I'm SUUUPER excited today because I'm going away on a trip starting tomorrow! But what that also means is I've uploaded the thumbnails of the next 5 pages for $5+ on Patreon! I think if you read those pages maybe you'll get where I'm going with this chapter? Maybe? C'mon... u gotta know... ;)

If you're unsure about my thumbnails, here's the thumbnail I did for this page. Looks good, right? You're interested, right? *winks slowly, one eye at a time*

Anyway, I'll be uploading TINF while I'm away, as always, but I'll probably be slow responding to messages again. Thank you for all the support! I'm having a lot of fun making TINF. :D