Posted January 12, 2021 at 12:00 am

HELLOOO everyone! TINF IS BACK and off hiatus!

Thanks so much for all your patience! I'd like to thank everyone again for all your support in helping me pass 10 years of this comic. The anniversary was on December 22 and I feel both shocked that I made it this far (well, not really, I'm very stubborn LOL) but also incredibly satisfied! I love TINF and I love all of you.. thank you for sharing it with me!

I should hopefully have another announcement sometime soon, but for now I'd like to let you all know that after working almost 3 months straight on over 200 pages............... *DRUMROLL*

I've officially edited chapters 1-9 and they're live on the site!!! I've gone into detail about the edits + showed comparisons over on Patreon (free, public post), but just to summarize here, what I've edited are:

  • changed all colored pages to greyscale
  • re-drew all the backgrounds
  • dialogue edits including grammar corrections and adjusting text/jokes I find offensive now
  • changed out a bulk of cameo characters (specifically old BFF characters) into new OCs

While I've edited pages after chapter 9 to make some of my edits more consistent, I assume there'll be a slight disconnect, but I'll have to leave that for future Nicole. Hopefully it won't be too bad... LOL. But if you see any major names/characters I forgot to edit, please let me know!

I've also fixed disqus--if you ever left a comment on an old page and it linked straight back to the site's main page, it shouldn't do that anymore. So please feel free to leave comments if you re-read!

That being said, if you're interested in checking out all the edits, start HERE in ch 01! And if you'd rather read it all together in physical form, well... stay tuned~~~ ;) huhuhu

I'll see you on Friday with CHAPTER 28 !!!!!!