ch 29 pg 56
Posted September 6, 2022 at 12:00 am

if you wanna see the chore chart full size/hi-res: here!

some fun facts about the chore chart:

  • Mr Drees came up with the chart.
    • He doesn't like the idea of specific people having specific chores, so everyone's chores switch every week. He always remembers who did what.. you can't pull a fast one on him.
    • They go over the chart as a family every week, so they have a say on what days they do their specific chores.
  • Mrs Drees made the chart itself.
    • It's a print-out framed onto a magnetic board. The chore names are custom magnets she made on her Cricut.
    • She very proudly used a different font for each aspect of the chart... incredible
  • Since Mrs Drees is a homemaker/housewife, she's only included on the larger chores, but for maintenance ones like general tidying/dusting/vacuuming, she'll do extra during the week whenever she wants to (but it doesn't replace whoever is scheduled to do those things on their specific day).
    • (This is why Julian thought Mrs Drees was the one who did his chores in pg 39)
  • The chores are balanced where the kids will only have one chore a week that they know will take them a long time (like deep cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, etc) so they don't get overworked and have enough time for homework/free time.
  • Mrs Drees does the grocery shopping, but if someone's home/available, they go with her.
    • If possible, she tries to plan it whenever Mr Drees has a day off... her cool date idea
    • (The way she desperately wants to loudly show off her husband at the grocery store.. she's one of those people)
  • Julian and Leslie are scheduled to cook only once per week.
    • Leslie doesn't cook on her own yet, she's always scheduled with either Mr or Mrs Drees (or, now, Landon).
    • Julian "cooks" the same 4 meals: lettuce wraps, salad, veggie burritos, and sandwiches.
  • Since Landon has moved in, he's been making meal suggestions and/or helping out with the cooking (yes, even helping Mr Drees).
  • Every Saturday, they order delivery or eat out for dinner!
  • Even though one person is scheduled to do laundry, everyone is in charge of folding and hanging up their own clothes.
  • They try to stay on top of chores during the week so that they can spend time together on weekends.
  • They have a separate chart for yardwork (mowing the lawn, weeding, etc), but when it comes to raking leaves and shovelling snow, they all do it together as a family.

Anyone else out there spending literal hours designing one barely visible panel by coming up with an essay-amount of information for it or is that just me? :-) if you're ever wondering what's going through my head when I design the tiniest thing, it's infinite bullet point lists in my head. anyway, if you like extra info, enjoy........... I actually do love it KGHFDJKG

if you got any questions about their chores..... let me know. I probably know the answer HAHA

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