ch 30 pg 68
Posted December 26, 2023 at 12:00 am


I just got back from travelling and visiting family recently so I actually completely forgot that the last update on December 22nd was TINF's actual anniversary !!! I haven't had time to make anything for it but I might still try...!!!


Thank you so so SOOO much to everyone who's here and reading! It means a lot to me that you've stuck around and have grown with both me + the comic! It's so difficult to keep/gain an audience with a comic as long as this, especially with how the tone and characters have changed, so I always really cherish every comment and all the support I've received throughout this long journey :') TINF is my love and I love all of YOU who are enjoying it !! Thank you for taking care of us, for cheering me on, coming back here every week, month, year and, most of all, for reading TINF with so much kindness.

We're at a serious part of the comic but it's also something I've been building into Landon's character since day 1, so it's been so rewarding to read your thoughts, opinions, and similar personal experiences on something I've put a lot of care into. I appreciate you all so much...!!!

And, of course, a special shout-out to my bff Thryn, who's ALWAYS supporting me, helping me everyday, and constantly expressing an unwavering interest in TINF ;v;) I'd be lost without her !!! Thryn loves being called TINF's "step parent"....... so I suppose I'll let her be that for today (but today only) LOL THANK YOU THRYN !!!!!!! XOXO

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