ch 29 pg 108
Posted March 7, 2023 at 12:00 am

Julian confirming what Isaiah said earlier.. heh.

Well, that's a wrap on this chapter !!!! We're finishing the chapter up a bit early since I decided to scrap the next scene (it was an intro to the next chapter, but I felt it was more fitting to end the chapter here), however we still have ONE more page left~ a lil extra I did!

Thank you so much to all of you who showed me so much support during this last scene! I was so nervous to change up the format to Isaiah and Julian texting, but I was really happy to know many of you enjoyed it. :') I think we were able to accomplish a pretty succinct recap of events, so thank you for your encouragement!

After the next update, I'll be taking an in-between-chapter hiatus as I normally do, and I'll go more into the details of that + my usual mushy end-of-chapter musings in the artist comment of the next page. See you then !! XOXO


Julian: Thank you for talking me through this, Isaiah. ;3;))

Isaiah: You're welcome. :'-)

Let me know if you need to process more.

I love you!

Julian: I love you too! ;3;))

Isaiah: Haha... man.

I can't believe how complicated things became just by asking Landon to help us find Sydney Morgan in the beginning of the school year. Lol.

Out of all the people we could've asked for help... lol.

Julian: I know, right. (@w@) lol.

I can't believe I really fell for the same guy twice.

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