ch 29 /EXTRA
Posted March 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

flashback panel is from ch 29 pg 75!

now that his emotions are in order, it's time to go back to his fanboy roots ;)


Thank you so so SOOO MUCH for following along with this chapter! So much has happened... Landon's gotten cozy with the Drees family, Isaiah and Landon's relationship was mended, we got a reveal !?!?!?!!?!?, and an acceptance....!!!?? Oh yeah, and we hate Adrian Paris now, apparently.

This chapter was very important so, as expected, I was so nervous the whole time! This comic has been running for such a long time at this point, so I really appreciate all of you that were excited and showed support for how everything finally progressed. The amount of people who anticipated the reveal in the exact way I had it (right down to the dialogue? FJFDG) was awesome... you guys really said, "I know what you're doing, Nicole" this entire time LOL!!

I worked really hard to show that sometimes (depending on the situation, use your discretion), it's necessary to understand someone before assuming the worst in their actions. It was a long journey, but the reaction to Landon has made me feel like I was successfully able to do what I wanted. :') And I did it all through text messaging........ to get away with presenting it that way, I feel very accepted and supported by all of you LOL!

(Also, as I mentioned before, I did end up cutting a scene that was going to be a close to this chapter and an intro to the next--I actually have a hint of it in this chapter but, in the end, it works better this way, hehe.) 

And, as always--a HUUUUUGE thanks to my BFF Thryn !!!!!!!! She's always got my back and her support always encourages me to do my best :') she's a "Julian" type, way more in touch with her emotions than I am, so often times I'll awkwardly explain the feelings I'm trying to get across, and she helps me define them in the dialogue. I'm a little too serious about every single line of dialogue (not exaggerating :') ha), but Thryn is always there to support!! It helps so much, and TINF wouldn't be TINF without her !!!! ILU THRYN !!!!!

That being said, I'll be taking an in-between-chapter hiatus to take a break and also get everything in order for ch 30 (THE FINAL TINF CHAPTER, not including an epilogue)!

TINF will be on hiatus until Tuesday, April 11th @ 12am EST!

Until then~ see you on twitter, tumblr, and patreon! ILU!! XOXO