ch 28 pg 96
Posted December 28, 2021 at 12:00 am

THAT'S A WRAP for ch 28 !!!!! we end on the name of the chapter title~ "Counting Sheep" ;) hehe. I created this chapter with the intention of Landon sleeping/resting at the end of it LOL!

What did you think about this chapter? I wrote it to focus on Landon's growth--despite his reputation of being someone who's "casual" or "uncommitted," I hope this chapter show you that's not actually the case. Landon's a very guarded person but he's reciprocating Julian's feelings + acceptance of him by working hard to show that he trusts Julian. This will be important for the next chapters... hehe.

When I originally planned this chapter, it seemed really simple! But re-reading it all together, it's actually very packed with information ':D I had a lot of fun being free and open to drawing them being soft together... they're not "officially" dating yet, but... aren't they though ?? ;) anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


there's ONE more update coming up, a cheeky lil extra pg for the end of the chapter! I'll do any last closing thoughts and details on my in-between-chapters hiatus there! see you then!!

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