ch 28 pg 47
Posted July 9, 2021 at 12:00 am

HELLO ! I'm SO sorry I didn't let anyone know about missing Tuesday the 6th's update! I was having so much fun on vacation, for the first time in TINF history I literally forgot to update. I didn't remember until Tuesday night..... I was so shocked and confused (LOL) but ultimately decided to just push it off til today!

Thank you for understanding and for supporting and encouraging me to take a break! It was definitely needed, and I appreciate it so much!

Also, just a FYI in case you missed it: I released our June patreon wallpaper for free (!!!) in honor of Pride! Check it out on twitter, tumblr, or patreon! Let me know if you like it--it's my favorite wallpaper I've done in a while! :D

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