ch 27 pg 81
Posted August 25, 2020 at 12:00 am


That's it for ch 27!! Thank you SO much for all of your support and encouragement with this chapter! I was so nervous about it because it's a huge progress for TINF--Landon's development (both for himself and Julian's feelings for/acceptance of him) was always closely tied to the (quiet LOL) over-arching Sydney Morgan plot. I'd always hoped I could successfully turn the keeping-a-secret-from-a-loved-one trope into something more realistic and kind rather than resorting to harshness and unnecessary drama because the characters can't bother to discuss the root of the issue.. and, through feedback, it seems as though everyone has read this chapter as I've intended, so I'm so pleased about it!! I felt very passionate about trying my best to accomplish this, so I'm happy to have made it through LOL.

Thank you for all the care you've taken to read my story, and thank you to my BFF Thryn for consistently encouraging me and helping me every step of the way!! I'm very VERY *VERY* particular with the dialogue in every single text bubble in this series and Thryn helps me get it just right!!

Next update will be the 1st pg of the ch 27 EXTRA! I've got some important things to conclude this chapter with, but it didn't fit the tone of this scene~ so stay tuned! ;) And after that, I'll go into detail about my in-between-chapters hiatus!


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