ch 27 pg 58
Posted June 5, 2020 at 12:00 am

Hello! A few things I need to mention today:

If you happen to see any offensive ads on this site, please screencap it and take note of what time/timezone you saw it so I can report it. I've only been notified about 1 so far, but please know I do NOT have any control of ads and I DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate any racist propaganda.

In the last update I linked ways you can help, but if you need other language translations, here is a thread with links! I know a lot of us are struggling with anxiety and finances as well, so if you haven't seen it already, the BLM playlist will be perfect for you.

  • turn off adblocker
  • if you need to mute it, MUTE YOUR TAB, NOT the video
  • do NOT replay/loop videos multiple times in a row, yt will not count your view. Play a few videos in between or just go through the entire playlist.

Also, the flashback panels shown in this page are: ch 02 pg 07, ch 10 pg 01, and ch 13 pg 22!

next 2 pgs thumbnails here and here!