ch 26 pg 167
Posted October 25, 2019 at 12:00 am

🎉 and that's the END OF CHAPTER 26! 👏🏽

Shout-out to the Agnes Nutter who commented something like, "I predict this chapter began with a kiss and will end with a kiss" because YEAH !! I thought I was sooo clever when I started this chapter, having it start with dream-kissing and end with real-kissing LOL 😂 if you need a ~refresher~ he's the beginning of ch 26! 😉

Now that we're finished~

TINF will be on a 3 week hiatus until Friday, November 15th!

Thank you soooo SO MUCH for all of your support in this chapter, I really appreciate it SO much. 🥰💕 Keeping consistent with updates is very important to me (reasonably, of course) so it means a lot that many of you are here with me for every update. Your support consistently encourages me and your feedback is invaluable. 💕 I'd especially like to thank all of you on Patreon, who I've grown so comfortable with, and look forward to sharing my thumbnails with every week. Patreon is the main reason I (financially) can continue doing TINF and I really love you all so much. Honestly I get very emo when I think about it LOLOL THANK YOU 😭💘💘💘 XOXO!!!

And, of course, a very special THANK YOU to my bff Thryn who, as always, consistently encourages me and helps me when I need it (which is ALWAYS LOL), and who drags me back down to earth when I spiral out-of-control during those low periods when I don't have any confidence in myself. I'm always able to keep going because of you, THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU 🥰💕!! 

This has officially become the longest TINF chapter in all of HISTORY (LOL) and it really felt huge for me because it was when Julian finally acknowledged his feelings and Landon finally confronted them. I've been working towards this for many years and I'm thankful for all of you who've stuck around and all the new readers who read through so many pages at once to get here with me! I was really passionate about waiting until Julian and Landon were "ready" (LOL) and I feel pretty satisfied with it. 💘 This is the biggest turning point for the story and I can confidently say from now on, there's no beating around the bush, we're gettin' right to it LOL. Uh.. except for one chapter..... but anyway. There are still some things the characters need to work through, but I feel very strongly about the things I have planned, and they're themes I wish were explored in media more, so I'm just doing it myself. 😂😘

I know a lot of you now have MANY questions~ where do Landon and Julian stand ?? Where's grandpa ?? What secrets is Landon hiding ?? How is Isaiah going to react !?!?! and I'm so excited for you to read the next chapter because I'll be answering ALL of them there~~ 😉✨

That being said, I'm going to try not to completely disappear from social media (LOL), but I'll definitely be around Patreon! I've already been working on something which will be Patreon-exclusive first and public later, so I'm hoping it'll go well! Anything I work on I'll definitely let you all know, so keep an eye out for me! If you'd like to reach me, the easiest way is through TINF twitter.

Thank you again! See you soon! XOXO 🍓🍌💕👋🏽