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Posted December 22, 2017 at 12:00 am


December 22 is TINF's anniversary, which happens to fall on my update day! Thank you so much to everyone: readers who've been with me the whole time, half the time, and new readers. You've seen me get through full-time school, part-time work, and progress to full-time TINF, and stuck with me through half-finished pages, slow edits, and spotty replies to comments. All of you make my days brighter with your comments and support--from heartfelt public messages that very literally make me cry to silent smiles that I work hard to bring to you everyday. I appreciate all of you telling your friends to read TINF, advertising for me, making me look way more impressive than I actually am (LOLOL), and sharing my passion for this project alongside with me. 6 years ago, I remember telling a family friend that my dream was to be able to draw TINF full-time and share my story... and here I am now. Slowly, but surely! 😂

Thank you to Hiveworks for giving me a chance, despite being one of the less popular comics. I'm clumsy and confused most of the time but I've been given the opportunity to do more than I ever imagined and it's amazing! Your patience with me means a lot. And also my website is beautiful! I'm obsessed LOL

To all of my Patrons: you are so, so, SO sweet and wonderful. You have an unending supply of kindness and patience, I have no idea how NOT to get overwhelmed with love for all of you. Despite my flakiness, I've never received an angry message, only support and encouragement. You're not obligated to do it, but you do it anyway. I wouldn't be so consistently creating content if it wasn't for you; I owe you so much for getting me through financially to even emotionally. Thank you x 900000, I don't even know how to express it in words.

I want to give the biggest thanks ever to my friends for supporting me, humoring me when I talk about TINF endlessly, all day, everyday, when I'm always busy and have very little time to chat, and many of you supporting me on Patreon even though you don't have to; thank you, I love you. Lynn, Kiara, Sara, Xanthe, Laura, Mells... thank you for being patient and putting up with me. ðŸ˜‚

And, of course, 99% of my love and thanks goes to my BFF Thryn, who I wouldn't be here without, who I'd still be lost in a black hole of confusion and sadness if it wasn't for her supporting me emotionally and editing my works for the past, what? 6? years, pushing me to go through with decisions I'd be too scared to go through myself, for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself, defending me during rough times, for calming me down when I'm spiraling out-of-control,  double-checking my every update, every single week (I know it's a pain and I'm a big ridiculous mess LOL), and always making me feel safe and comfortable. I love you... I guess >////>))) even though Landon is #1 💘

All the mushiness aside, I have a few gifts for you! So, I'd like to announce...

✨ Landon fashion zine! SALE ✨

The long-awaited (? LOL) Landon fashion zine! For FRIDAY Dec 22 and SATURDAY Dec 23, I'll have the zine on sale for just $1. On Sunday, I'll change the price back to normal. However, $3 patrons already have access to the zine!

Additionally, I have another surprise for you! But it'll have to wait until tomorrow, since it's not ready yet. So stay tuned!

Thank you, anyone who reads this! For your support and kindness over these past 7 years. You're wonderful. ðŸ˜šðŸ’ž