ch 23 pg 63
Posted November 25, 2016 at 12:00 am

🎉🎉🎉 CHAPTER END! YAHOOOOOOO! WE MADE IT! Thank you SO MUCH everyone for sticking with me and supporting me throughout this chapter! It was a big one but I had tons of fun so I'm happy if you enjoyed it! :D

I'm not home atm so I won't be able to reply to messages too well but definitely let me know your thoughts, as always! ðŸ˜š

I'll be starting my 2 week hiatus to finish editing TINF pages for print! Please feel free to find me on twitter and tumblr! I won't be posting guest comics onto the website but I'll happily RT/reblog them!

I'll also be active on Patreon! I'll be posting some smoochy doodles + a cuddly December wallpaper for $1 throughout the hiatus as well as some extra special summaries/outlines of my Landon POV mini-comic for $3, which I've already started. So, stay tuned!

ILU!!! See you in chapter 24, December 9th 💘