Posted December 22, 2015 at 02:03 am

Hiii! Sorry for being a little later than usual but I was getting all these pages ready! I appreciate everyone reading TINF + all your support, comments, fanarts, and Patreon pledges mean so much to me!!! I'm really excited to get this far and, like, send TINF off to kindergarten or something, but it's been with me for so long and it's always been a story I was passionate about so I hope I can continue and keep getting better. I've been clumsily telling the story up until now but, if you've noticed anything about me, I'm incredibly stubborn and I always keep at it, regardless! We've made lots of progress and I hope you'll like where the story is going. :') Thank you again!!! for putting up with me and my late replies (and the times I forget to reply, sweats...), changing styles, emotional talkz IDEK... I can't say thanks enough! ;v; Don't tell anyone I said this, but TINF truly has the best, nicest readers!!! I'm so grateful to you all. u 3u) XOXO

Please enjoy this extra! Here are the first 5 pages and the next 5 will be uploaded on the next update day. Enjoy! :'D