Posted February 1, 2022 at 12:00 am

               (7 yrs old)meeting
YEAR 1   (8 yrs old)annoying
YEAR 2   (9 yrs old)playing
YEAR 3   (10 yrs old)   noticing
YEAR 4   (11 yrs old)bothering (1)
YEAR 5   (12 yrs old)befriending

HELLO and welcome back to TINF !! I'm back from hiatus and starting 2022 by sharing what I was working on last month over on patreon, before starting chapter 29! We passed TINF's 11th anniversary back on December 22 but I chose to celebrate it instead by drawing an illustration for each year of Julian and Landon knowing each other (which also happens to be 11 years ;)).

This is a bit of a summary of their relationship and how it's grown/changed over the years, so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for celebrating 11 years with me~ I'll see you in the next update for the 2nd (and last) part of the anniversary illustrations!