THIS IS NOT FICTION is a story about desperation in love--or something like that. Julian Drees is experiencing his first love with the extremely popular, dreamy, wonderful, yet completely anonymous romance novelist Sydney Morgan. In an effort to make Julian's life easier, his best friend Isaiah Holloway hires the strangely-all-knowing class troublemaker (and self-proclaimed "Godfather of High School") Landon Addison to help them find the true identity of Sydney Morgan. Unfortunately, the hired "help" is more the hired "complete-opposite-of-help"... but maybe all the trouble is worth it to meet the author of Julian’s dreams.

On the exciting Mission: Identify Sydney Morgan, Julian learns who his true friends are, what love is (the real, not-based-on-obsession kind), and that there are more important things in life than Sydney Morgan (gasp!).

TINF was originally a premium comic at Inkblazers but is now a part of Hiveworks.


Nicole is a freelance comic artist, illustrator, and bunny enthusiast who is inspired by hamburgers. ♥

(wwwtumblr / twitter / hellomannino@gmail.com / available for freelance)


Julian Drees - 18 / 5'3"
With intense emotions that trump his shyness, he's the most passionate high school senior you'll ever meet, with an affinity for cute animals, getting good grades, and following the rules. The only thing he hates more than getting in trouble is Landon Addison and the only thing he loves more than Sydney Morgan is the prospect of having an actual conversation with Sydney Morgan.
Isaiah Holloway - 17 / 5'8"
Julian's best friend since their first day of high school and the ace of the baseball team. He's humble, loyal, as nice as his smile (which is really, really nice), and knows how to cheer you up, even if you're having the worst day in your whole entire life.
Landon Addison - 17 / 6'1"
An annoying prankster, consistently known as the class troublemaker since before-anyone-could-remember-when. He's the self-proclaimed Godfather of High School, thanks to his strange ability to have connections everywhere and know everything that's going on... Or maybe he just has a lot of time on his hands.
Selby Montgomery - 15 / 5'3"
Landon's "intern" (he seriously doesn't need an intern) who looks sweet but happens to know how to hack into every OS put in front of her. She's smart, professional, works hard to get what she wants, and is probably the most capable person Julian's met.
Sydney Morgan
Sydney Morgan is an anonymous romance novelist. While Sydney's books are widely known, everything about their identity is a mystery.


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common questions:

-Are you also the creator of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER? no, that's Mickey!

-What program do you use to create TINF? I always use paint tool SAI except the panel borders are Photoshop!

-What font do you use? everything is handwritten up until chapter 23 when I use my own handwriting font.

-more questions/answers here!